Hantei Sotorii

During the Clan War era, he was called Hantei XXXVIX. At this time, he was a frail man, having been given his gempukku in a hasty ceremony when his father was killed during the Scorpion Clan Coup.

His depression and youth led to an opium addiction which allowed the spirit of Fu Leng to inhabit him. As the Black Scrolls were opened, this control built until he was fully controlled by the Day of Thunder.

When Agasha Isha sacrificed herself and cast Amaterasu’s Blessing to align the elements, it tore Fu Leng from him. It had the additional effect of purifying his body and cleansed his soul. In essence, he was reborn.

His first words were to declare the line of Hantei reborn and renamed himself the new First Hantei to usher in a new Thousand Years of Peace. He swiftly brought the Clans in line and reinstated the Scorpion Clan.

Some believe Sotorii truly died on the Day of Thunder and that the spirit of the First Hantei was reborn in his place. Others believe the First Hantei’s spirit guides his hand as he rules. Regardless, his rule since that day has been marked with a new sense of inner calm and wisdom.

Hantei Sotorii

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