Takamura Shenjiro

Only an outsider can see the darkness hidden within.


Shinjo Bushi 1

Known Advantages/Disadvantages


Few know about Shinjiro. He likes it that way, preferring to spend his life in the saddle as opposed to wasting away in pointless talk. It’s not that he’s without compassion. Shinjiro cares for all, regardless of station within the Celestial Order.

When given the opportunity, he jumped on the opportunity to become a scout. Until recently, it’s nearly the only thing he’s known.

Now that he’s been thrust into the political world, he’s a fish out of water. No matter how hard servants try, he always smells of horse. As long as he keeps quiet, he’ll do fine. Unfortunately, there is a lot that seems worth speaking out about.

Takamura Shenjiro

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