Isawa Ichigo

How does one stay grounded when rising to power so fast?


Isawa Tensai Rank 1

Known Advantages/Disadvantages

Ascetic Can’t Lie


It’s no secret Ichigo wants to retire to the simple life of a monk. It’s also no secret that he’s fast becoming one of the most powerful Earth shugenja there are.

His family’s expectations and proof of his innate gift have placed quite a burden on him. He is expected to do great things, and his fame has ballooned far beyond his station.

On top of it all, he’s been tasked with accompanying his half brother Shiba Rykomo around. Rykomo is air and fire to Ichigo’s earth and water. If they could only find a way to cooperate, they could become a formidable force for whatever they put their minds toward.

Isawa Ichigo

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