Mirumoto Yojimbo

The forgotten bushi...


Mirumoto Bushi 1

Known Advantages/Disadvantages:

Ascetic Bland


Far down in a long list of siblings, Yojimbo was mostly forgotten by his parents. He studied hard but never seemed to distinguish himself in any particular way.

When his grandfather died, the family fell upon a dilema. One of their ancestors had dishonored himself and his family line was tasked with maintaining an obscure little monestary far to the south.

At long last, they hit upon a perfect solution. They could finally do something useful with Yojimbo and they wouldn’t have to deal with the burden themsselves. He was tasked with taking care of the monestary on his own. Since there was little work, and a lot of travel, with the job, they figured it was the perfect job for someone with his personality.

It turns out that the monestary was nothing like it seems and Yojimbo has fallen in the middle of a lot more than expected. No matter how hard he tries, it seems fate is doing its best to make him more than just another face in the crowd.

Mirumoto Yojimbo

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