Shiba Rykomo

What price the folly of youth?


Shiba Bushi Rank 1

Known Advantages/Disadvantages:


Youthful and cocky, Rykomo has gone through the world in blissful ignorance of the seriousness of samurai life. Frequently, his family has tasked his half brother Isawa Tensai to help place his feet firmly back on the ground. Of course, Rykomo’s been told he’s to guard Tensai, some feel the opposite might be the truth.

Now, he’s to be married to an Otomo and his family is overjoyed. She is the light of his life and he fawns over her like a puppy. If he’s not careful, she could be both his greatest asset and his most powerful weakness.

With so much responsibility heaped upon him he is at last showing signs of the man he has the potential to become. If only he lives long enough…

Shiba Rykomo

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